Have you ever dreamed of finding a dependable therapy to better meet your independent spirit? Look no further.

pictureFresenius Medical Care introduces the Liberty® cycler, a cycler designed to deliver dialysis therapy in the comfort of your home. As one of the only machines that can be prescribed for dialysis during the night, you can dialyze while you sleep. Treatments are scheduled to accommodate your lifestyle. The slow and gentle nature of peritoneal dialysis can provide optimal therapy for many ESRD patients.

Dimmable screen, fewer alarms, easy setup… Sweet dreams!

  • Need to stay a little late at work?
  • Want to visit with friends?
  • Have tickets to a concert or sporting event?
  • Have you dreamed about attending your niece’s graduation?
  • Thought dialyzing at home would allow you more freedom than it actually does?


Liberate yourself with Liberty.

  • PD is non-invasive. No needles required to perform dialysis.
  • Set up takes less than ten minutes.
  • Dialyze through the night.
  • Wake up in the morning refreshed.

Home therapy should allow you to enjoy your time at home.